AMY examples

Try out a web version of AMY, the additive music synthesizer library

Before trying anything, click "start AMY" to run the AMY synthesizer. Use "reset voices" to reset all the voices to default.

start AMY reset voices


AMY drum blaster

Hear AMY messages played back as a drum machine. Each row is a different AMY voice, preloaded with some patches. To update a voice, just edit the AMY message for that row and click "send".

120 bpm

AMY DX7 patch player

Play any of AMY's built in 1024 DX7 patches. They're very accurate! If you want to generate your own FM patches, see AMY's module.

Patch #: 498

Playback time ratio: 1.0

AMY message creator

Construct your own AMY messages. Hover over a parameter to see a longer description. The message will be generated as you type. Paste the message into the drum machine above to hear it there, or just click "send message to AMY" to directly hear it without the drum machine.

Constructed message: send message to AMY reset voices

voice amplitude breakpoint0
breakpoint1 feedback breakpoint2
duty frequency filter center freq
mod target filter type ratio
mod source velocity midi note
algorithm algo source patch
phase resonance breakpoint 0 target
volume wave breakpoint 1 target
eq L breakpoint 2 target eq M
eq H

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